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Authentic, something that is perfect or complete.

What you choose to fuel your body with, truly matters.

A.L. Nutrition has always strived to achieve perfection and accuracy.
By providing a wide range of authentic, tested and complete supplements,
our aim is to help you become your best self and go for that one extra rep.

Choose A.L. Nutrition’s Absolute series and become your absolute self.

Protein is an essential part of building lean muscle and we at AL Nutrition demand our whey protein be of the highest quality. AL Nutrition’s Whey Protein is a superior quality muscle building whey protein with blend of concentrates and isolates which is made with the top quality raw material in its highest concentration without additives. We also added 5.5g of BCAA to enhance muscle protein synthesis in your body.

Going an extra mile and we added in digestive enzymes - DigeZyme® to help your body break down and utilise this clean protein which contains five digestive enzymes (Amylase, Protease, Lactase, Lipase and Cellulase). With a formulation like this, you can’t go wrong with this top notch product.