AL Nutrition Mini Protein Bars

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AL Nutrition's Protein Bar is your way to go for an all time snack. Our founder has spent months of RnD using years of knowledge to get the perfect formulation with great nutritional value without compromising the taste of the bars, we had to import ingredients from different countries to make them a healthy and delicious snack with >3.2g fiber which will keep you full for 1-2 hours.

Now Let's Discuss both the bars individually,

AL Nutrition's Birthday Cake Bar:

This protein bar is a game changer in Indian Market because there is no other like this one. This bar is India's only Birthday Cake Flavored Whey Protein Bar. The Flavor formulated so perfect with white chocolate layer and just 0.5g of sugar sprinkles on top to get that visual representation that it's your Happy Birthday EVERY SINGLE DAY

AL Nutrition's Crunchy Cookies Bar

Now this one took a lot of effort since founder's goal was to formulate a bar with great taste, amazing texture, low calories and high protein and well enough we went that 'ONE EXTRA STEP' to make it possible for you all with just 127kcal and 12.4g of Protein with a thin milk chocolate layer we made that happen and launched India's only Protein Bar with Highest Protein Content in a 30g Bar