About AL Nutrition

The brand was founded in 2022 by Aniket Ojha with a vision to give high quality supplements that actually give results people deserve. Agreeing to the fact that we are a new brand and it is not easy for someone to switch to another brand without any reason that’s why we didn’t compromise on product quality and swore to deliver the best quality ingredients with respect to that we will also provide govt. approved lab test results which work under the fssai norms which is regulated under food safety and standards regulations, 2011.

These lab tests will be updated and renewed with every batch of products we receive and that’s our promise to you since we also recognize the need for authenticity of supplements in our country because through experience and research we got to know that majority of supplements in India are either fake or unapproved. So, Here comes us going one extra step to deliver the best and most authentic products to you.

We created every formulation step by step from scratch. Full transparency labelling, used only the cleanest ingredients verified to be both safe and effective. Our team spent months perfecting the taste and testing formulations to ensure real results. We built everything with intention, never compromising on quality and effectiveness.

THE ALPHALOGY NUTRITION’s mission is to educate, inspire and improve the performance of the modern day athlete by taking that "ONE EXTRA STEP".

Welcome To Our Family.


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